Courses we offer

Elite Academy offers a range of study packages for children enrolled in ICSE & CBSE Schools. if you want an extensive coaching routine from Classes VII to XII, then check out the courses that might ideally suit your need -

Courses for CBSE Students -

Elite Academy offers regular classes for the CBSE regime. With extensive knowledge regarding the syllabus, we help the students pull off a full-fledged wholesome preparation routine carefully drafted by the institute. It includes completion of the syllabus ahead of the schedule, ample sessions for revision and mock test practices.

  • Classes VII - X : Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
  • Classes XI & XII : Chemistry

Courses for ICSE Students –

We offer a complete coverage of chapters and hold dedicated classes to tackle complex concepts so that so student gets left behind. Student-oriented teaching methods are applied during the classes, with a friendly approach. Weekly analysis is conducted to keep an effective track of the progress that each student goes through.

  • Classes VII – X: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
  • Classes XI & XII: Chemistry

Subject-Wise / Integrated Courses

If a student requires a single-subject assistance in terms of Mathematics, Chemistry or Physics, we offer them with integrated courses that concentrate on one subject and help the student strengthen his base with an intensive revision of the basics before touching more advanced topics that cover the syllabus.

Crash Courses –

Elite Academy also arranges Crash Courses with a pre-planned routine with meticulously allotted day-topic regime. We also provide personally prepared mock test papers that effortlessly cover all the topics and helps the students gauge their performance before they can appear for the actual examinations.

  • Crash Course during Vacations
  • Crash Course before the New Semester starts.

Special Workshops for Tough Concepts

We organize workshops for complex concepts on a regular basis to help the students leave no stone unturned to cover the entire contents of their syllabus without any hindrance.

Short-Term Teaching Assignments

We also provide staff to schools/academies.

  • As a replacement for absentee/on-leave teachers
  • For specific concepts and chapters
  • On-Site Workshops in Collaboration with Other Teachers