About Us

The Foundation

Elite Academy was founded by Mrs. Rashmi Golecha - a Counselor & Educationist who nurtures a passion for the noble job of Teaching. An avid achiever, she is a Silver Medalist from IIT Roorkee. Her previous pursuits include working as a Research Associate in Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. She has also served as a Research Intern in IIT Kharagpur & IISc. Bangalore.

Mrs. Golecha established Elite Academy with an aim to enhance the pursuit of Education. Through detailed attention, toned-down concepts, the institution aspires to offer a well-formative & a better coaching experience to students. The Academy strives to offer a student to student assessment & guidance over an extensive period of time.

The Aim

We aspire to inculcate the values of perseverance and optimism amongst the Elite Family. Each student that comes here is made to start from the basics and is made to work to the top in a systematic fashion so that s/he learns to be patient in the art of achieving perfection in all the subjects that the child is dealing with. Each student is taught the value of honesty in every academic pursuit, and that the only way to measure one’s merit is by undergoing through exams through utmost sincerity and fair practice.

We Offer

Mrs. Rashmi Golecha also offers intensive counseling sessions to troubled students who face uncertainty in the field of academics, regarding the choice of field or stream that can turn out to be the most favorable for them.

To teachers, she offers career counseling and helpful tips on how to go out and connect with the students in a deeper aspect, so that they can effortlessly communicate and henceforth help & motivate even the most introvert students in the lot.

To parents, she offers helpful guidance on how to create a positive environment at home to facilitate their kid's academic growth to the fullest.

Elite Academy