Integrated Courses

Regular, subject-oriented classes to build a strong academic base.

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Crash Courses

Dedicated coaching with complete material provision & coverage.

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Special Workshops

Sessions that facilitate a thorough understanding of complex concepts.

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Welcome to Elite Academy

Where unmatched Excellence is imparted in the realm of Education.

Elite Academy is an institution that offers dedicated assistance to children who aspire to excel in their academic life. From regular classes to crash course routines, the dedicated staff at Elite is trained to offer each incoming student with a customized attention so that each child can progress and excel at his own pace under the light of his capabilities. Under the tutelage of an expert Counselor & Educationist Mrs. Rashmi Golecha, Silver Medalist, IIT Roorkee, the academy specializes in offering dedicated classes that cover the subjects of Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry for both secondary & higher-secondary levels.

At Elite, the philosophy of studying expands beyond the four walls of a classroom. We help the students assimilate theoretical explanations with the aid of apt practical applications that help them understand each concept in a clearer fashion. We strive to strengthen the base and work upon advanced topics as we go, dividing equal attention to allotted topics. Elite also offers to counsel students, teachers, and parents under the light of educational progress and ways to achieve & maintain it.

  • Study under Expert Supervision
  • Get assured Syllabus Coverage
  • Access detailed Study Materials
  • Avail Academic & Career Counseling

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Why Choose Us

Discover why Elite is the best place to grow as a scholar


Skilled Teachers

Study under the supervision of highly experienced teachers who adapt themselves in accordance with your assimilation capability & teach you at your pace.


Detailed Study Materials

You can get access to extensive study materials and guides prepared by the experts to help you water down the toughest of concepts and progress better.


Individual Attention

You enjoy singular attention from us which is seldom available in schools. This enables better communication and an enhanced approach towards tackling studies.

Unsure about your Future?

Get in touch with our in-house Academic & Career Counselor and explore your best options on the road to further studies & potential jobs.